3 Possible Career Paths Post-Beauty School

by | May 16, 2019 | Beauty

As you find your footing and aim to ascertain a career path with gainful employment, you must narrow down your choices. Once you have a small list, you can focus in on what you enjoy, what you’re good at, and what is going pay the bills. Aesthetician School is a great option for many. The Cosmetology Classes and Esthetician Programs Idaho Falls position you to enter an industry that is almost recession-proof. The beauty industry, in a sputtering economy, might see a dip in revenue, but it does not collapse.

Here are three possible career paths post-beauty school.


A cosmetologist focuses on beauty services that involve the hair, and sometimes, skin. In a beauty school, you will learn to perform the duties you may be asked to complete in a professional salon setting including shampooing, cutting and coloring hair. Styling hair, massaging and treating scalp are often included in a cosmetologist program, too. If you expand your horizons, you can also learn to apply makeup, dress wigs, and then, hair removal, etc.

Nail Technician

It used to be that women were the majority of nail care clients. Now, men participate in nail care activities, too. At a beauty school, in a nail technician program, you will learn to care for your client’s nails. An emphasis on is safety and sanitation is placed in this program. Before you are allowed to practice on clients in a professional setting, you will have to become certified, and safety is a vital part of the certification procedure.


In an esthetics program at an Beauty School, you can learn how to care for a client’s skin. You may learn to perform facials, facial waxing and body waxing as well as lash and brow tinting in addition to adhering lash extensions, precisely.

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