3 Reasons Shredding is Still Important

In the digital era, the use of paper is becoming arguably obsolete. People are less likely to read the physical newspaper as much as they use to, and digital books have largely replaced hard copies. People also tend to use digital documents over paper documents.

Digital documents are convenient because they can be easily copied, transmitted and stored. But paper documents still exist and tangible exchange of documents is still relevant. That being said, paper shredding still has its place. Shredding Services Denver provides secure shredding services as well as Hard Drive Destruction for sensitive digital information.

Here are three reasons why shredding documents is still important.

Physical Documents Exist

Brick and mortar stores that are up with the times often give you the option of receiving a physical receipt or having it emailed to you. But generally, the vast majority of store receipts are still printed. In the legal field, professionals still work with physical documents. When you complete your taxes, you still receive a physical copy of your completed returns.

Some paperwork you must retain for given periods of time for record-keeping purposes. But once that time period expires, you have to decide if you are going to hang on to them or dispose of them. The best way to securely get rid of important paperwork, including receipts, is to have them shredded.

Privacy Breaches

If you hang on to physical paperwork for extended periods of time, you risk a breach of privacy. If you lose the documents or if they are stolen, personal information goes with them. Whether it is your information or that of a client, it is important to maintain security. For privacy reasons, it
is a good idea to shred documents that are no longer necessary.

Organization of Documents

It is tempting to hang onto old documents because you do not know if you may need them for reference in the future. This can lead to piles and piles of unnecessary documentation of potentially sensitive information. For organization purposes, it is worthwhile to have your unnecessary paperwork shredded by a Mobile Shredding service nearby.

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