A Brief Explanation of Four Different Types of Masks for Maui Scuba Diving

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Business

Masks are your window to the sea. Without them, you’d see nothing but blurry images. When it comes time for you to choose your scuba mask, keep in mind that there are a few different types available. Read on for a brief explanation of a few of them.


Single-lens masks have evolved to be less bulky and a little more stylish than their older counterparts. The models of today come with silicon skirts, which help provide for a better fit. One downside with single-lens masks is that they can’t be tailored to your prescription because of the single-glass design.


Most recreational scuba divers today use dual-lens masks. They offer an attractively low profile with a range of vision that beats that of the single-lens mask, and they generally fit better and more comfortably than single-lens models as well. If you wear glasses, then you can have dual-lens masks tailored to your prescription. Some divers prefer single lens over dual because they don’t like the bar that sits on the nose and separates the two lenses. Additionally, single-pane lens models are generally easier to defog.


Multi-lens masks are essentially dual- or single-lens masks with extra lens panels on the side. Their purpose is to help improve your peripheral vision, brighten your entire field of vision and give the mask a more open feel. While many scuba divers like them, some find them to be awkward.


You probably won’t be buying a full-face mask for Maui scuba diving if you’re on vacation. Commercial divers typically use them. However, there are some full-face models for recreational use. The benefit of using these types of face masks is they have enough room for communications equipment. They also make breathing much more comfortable than with masks.

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