4 Factors When You Look for an Addiction Treatment EHR

When you look for an EHR solution for your addiction treatment center, you’ll need to take plenty of factors into account. Read on to know some of them before you put down money for an EHR system.


People are living longer. Medical advancements have made better medicines and addiction treatments possible. Providing addiction and rehabilitation care has become more complex. In this kind of context, there’s a growing need for collaborative care. That’s where addiction treatment EHR systems come in, the Information Week says. When you look for an electronic health record system, think about the ease with which you could share that data and with whom? By going for systems designed with collaborative features, patient data can be shared with across a single organization.


EHRs make it easier for your addiction facility to save on costs. You won’t need to worry about paper supplies. Nor will you need to maintain all that space to house your records. Paperless documentation means you can curb your spending on supplies. Also, effective addiction treatment EHR systems reduce errors and redundancies, further saving you on costs.

Personalized care

EHRs provide a digital alternative to patients’ records. If your patient’s files are disorganized, a good addiction treatment EHR system can now change that. By bringing all the necessary files together into one place, doctors have easy and complete access to everything on a patient’s record. That makes it easier for them to create cohesive and personalized treatment plans, leading to better levels of patient care.

Empowered patients

EHRs work in boosting patient engagement. The system makes it easy for patients to review their record. They can see their treatment and how much they spend on those treatments. That easy access helps patients determine whether they’re getting the best care or not and allows them to change providers that can do a better job of providing for their needs.