Scale Buildup – What is It?

Scale Buildup – What is It?

In the area of water filtration, something that you hear about quite a bit is scale buildup. What is that exactly? What does it mean? Why is it a problem? To start, scale or even lime scale is hardened calcium buildup and mineral deposits which have dried up and attached themselves to your fixtures. The cleanup is relatively easy, however, and the problem can be mostly prevented with the right water filter housing.

Where Does it Come From?

Scale deposits are the direct result of hard water which happens when there are too many minerals present in the water supply. When you have hard water in your pipes, the minerals can break off from the stream and adhere themselves to your pipes. When this happens, you have a severe problem, and it’s one that you will want to solve immediately before it contaminates your pipes.

Why Does it Matter?

One word: disgusting. It is utterly disgusting to see a faucet deliver water that appears to be full of lime. It’s terrible for your hair, it’s awful for your shower, and overall, it’s just unhealthy. There are various methods you can use to clean up after the fact, but if you can prevent it in the first place, then you will be a lot better off. To start, you should always use a good water filter with proper water filter housing; this will save you a lot of trouble and keep you from having to perform potentially costly repairs. Overall, scale buildup can be, but it is not something that cannot be dealt with if you are willing to take the right steps. Take those steps today and protect your shower.