4 Tips for Picking Out a Racking System

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Material Handling Equipment Supplier

Investing in the right racking system increases the efficiency and productivity of your business. If you are thinking about upgrading your warehouse racks, here’s what you need to know to evaluate different material handling systems. Factor in these considerations when you look for an operation-appropriate pallet system for your facility.

Know your distribution order

There are two inventory valuation methods: FIFO or which means first in, first out and LIFO, which means last in, last out. If your organization deals with perishables, then you operate under the FIFO basis. This is widely recognized as the most profitable method between the two. LIFO valuations, on the other hand, are held in storage for long periods of time, which means it takes you longer to earn.

Identify your work practices

Does your warehouse prioritize high-density storage solutions or tall, elevated racks? Do you use forklifts and pallet jacks or conveyors? If so, you need to invest in specialized equipment to move around the materials in your warehouse. If you use warehouse equipment, though, like forklifts, this will affect the size of your aisles. If you want to use the latest racking solutions, try automation warehouse. It eliminates the need for manual storage and retrieval of items. You won’t need to use forklifts or design floor layouts with wide aisles. Automating your warehouse will help you maximize your space.

Determine your load parameters

Keep rack safety in mind at all times. Factor in the weight of your pallets. Make sure your team understands the importance of staying under the limit for the pallet loads. Overloading the trays will only lead to accidents, problems, and potentially damaged merchandise.

Check inventory volume and diversity

Do you have a diverse range of items? Customers love options. Provide them with what they want with your selection of racking solutions.

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