4 Tips to Help You Stand Out and Make Better Business Commercials in NYC

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Video Editing

While every commercial is unique, there are a few things that high-performing business ads have in common. Here are four tips for writing, shooting, editing and airing commercials that will get you noticed in your industry.

Know Your Demographic

Whose attention are you trying to grab with your commercial? Don’t say “everyone” or “anyone.” Good advertising campaigns use targeted marketing tactics to appeal to a specific subset of people. Whether it’s trendy Millennials or middle-aged soccer moms, you’ll want your commercial to speak to them specifically.

Prioritize Your Needs

This is especially important if you’re shooting a commercial on a budget. You’ll want to allocate the lion’s share of your funds to the most important parts of your ad. For example, if you’re hoping to get your cheerful jingle stuck in people’s heads, you’ll want to hire good sound design services to make sure that your audio is top-notch.

Think Outside of the Box

The average consumer sees thousands of ads per day. How is yours going to make an impression? Think about things like colors, songs, mascots and memorable taglines. Think about the ways that your favorite commercials struck a chord with you. How can you make your own commercial become someone’s favorite?

Get Professional Help

If you’ve never handled a camera before, you should probably let someone else be your director. The same goes for other technical or media-related skills. If you aren’t sure how to add subtitles to a video, reach out to closed-captioners; if you’re new to audio or music mixing, hire someone in sound design services. Trust in the professionals.

These are just a few things to consider if you’re trying to break into the local market with business commercials. For more information, contact us at Chromavision. We can assist with everything from color correction to sound mixing, and we’d be delighted to help with the growth of your company.

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