5 Considerations Before Choosing a Racking System

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Material Handling Equipment Supplier

Improve your distribution center. If you’re shopping for a warehouse racking system, here are several considerations you’ll need to keep in mind. Use them as a guide when you go through the buying process.

Storage Density

Take a look at the storage volumes of your inventory. Use the data to pinpoint popular products in your stocks. That will tell you what products to consider when you choose a racking system. Think about the size and storage density of the products to help you pick a shelving solution that will match.

Access Frequency

Do you need access to specific pallets at all times? You’ll need to consider racking options that will make that possible. If you need to bury pallets if you find yourself lacking enough space, that could be a problem. However, if those pallets are for slow-moving stocks, it may not impact your performance negatively.


FIFO (first in, first out) is ideal for pallet flow racks. But make sure you consider the demand for your buried loads carefully. If you need frequent access to them, that will only lead to greater material handling costs, which will compromise your ROI.


Make sure you think about safety concerns when you browse through pallet variations. Invest in top-quality options. Sturdy and durable racking solutions won’t pose any danger to your employees or products. But be sure to check federal, state, and local codes in relation to your seismic zone. Design a rack structure that is ideal for your location, especially if you are in a high-risk zone for earthquakes.


Weigh your pallet loads. What is the heaviest that your shelves will need to carry? Choose a system with that data in mind. With the right storage system, you’ll have a safer and organized distribution center that can capably carry the loads you need.

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