5 Signs You Need a New Engine Filter

Air filters play a vital role when it comes to cleaning the air that enters your car’s engine. It also improves the overall function of the motor. It captures everything from debris and leaves to bugs and dirt. This prevents the engine from clogging. Manufacturers recommend a filter change every 10,000 to 15, 000 miles or once a year. These are general guidelines that may not apply to every vehicle owner. If you’re not sure when you should buy a new filter, there are signs that indicate it’s time for a replacement.

A Dirty Appearance

The typical filter color is either off-white or white. Once it accumulates dust, dirt or debris, it becomes discolored. If it’s gray, it definitely needs changing. Look at your owner’s manual to see where the filter is located. The location varies depending on the vehicle. The best way to check it is with a flashlight or during the day because it’s difficult to see contaminants such as pollen and dust.

Strange Engine Noises

A healthy engine has a subtle vibration when it’s idle. Excessive vibrations pops and coughing sounds suggest there’s a problem. In many cases, the spark plugs are damaged or dirty. When the filter is clogged, issues such as starting the car or rough idling may occur.

Poor Gas Mileage

An efficient, clean air filter helps to keep your fuel costs under control. Dirty filters make the engine work harder than usual. They lower the oxygen level in the engine. When this happens, the motor requires more fuel to function. If it takes more gas to fill your tank, then an air filter replacement is necessary. Pay close attention to your mileage on a monthly basis.

Service Light Comes On

Late model vehicles typically use excessive amounts of air. If the air supply is insufficient, carbon deposits are released, which triggers the check engine light. If the service engine light comes on, have your mechanic perform a diagnostics test. This helps identify any additional problems that must be addressed.

Gasoline Smells Bad

A lack of oxygen in the fuel injection system results in the excess gas exiting the exhaust. When this occurs, you’ll smell the fuel when you start the car. It’s a clear indicator of a dirty filter.

An air filter replacement is one of the easiest, most affordable auto maintenance tasks you can perform. Keep a look out for any of the signs mentioned above. By doing so, you can keep your engine running in peak condition. For more information, visit the website.