A Few Things to Expect When Attending the Latin Mass in Detroit

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Biz Hybrid

If you’ve never attended the Latin Mass before in a Catholic church, you may be unaware of what exactly will transpire during the service. By learning a few things about this service beforehand, you’ll likely feel more comfortable during the Mass and be able to get more fulfillment from the service. Here are a few things that you should know about attending the Latin Mass in Detroit.

English Translations are Often Provided

To help people who don’t attend this type of Mass regularly understand the service, English translations are often provided. You might be able to find an English translation in a missal leaflet at the back of the church. You can also purchase an English-language missal online or from a bookstore before attending Mass.

Attend the low Mass

If you have the option of attending a low Mass or high Mass, going to a low Mass is usually a better choice for beginners. The low Mass is known to be simpler in its format. Simultaneous activities between the choir and priest along with additional rituals usually take place during a high Mass, which often makes the service more difficult to follow for beginners.

Watch for Cues

The missal that you read will likely include cues of when to sit, stand and kneel during the service. You can also take cues from others around you by observing what they’re doing at certain points throughout the Mass.

Priest faces away from the people

During most of the Mass ceremony, the priest will stand facing the altar instead of toward the church congregants, which might seem unusual to you. The reason why the priest faces the altar is to devote as much focus to the Lord as possible, and this will also give you a better opportunity to connect more with the Heavenly Father.

Going to the Latin Mass can be a much more positive experience if you know what to expect.

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