Abstract Art Techniques

Abstract art uses colors, shapes and textures to achieve the artistic goal. Having no real reference, it is an interpretation of an alternate reality stemming from the artist’s mind. There are many techniques that can be used to obtain this vision. Following are some ideas to follow when creating abstract art.

Consider Your Color Palette

While abstract art can look like a lot of colors thrown together haphazardly, there is actually formality and function. Choose colors that inspire and give you a unique creative outlook. The colors should have meaning and flow off of your hand as you paint. They don’t necessarily have to match, just choose colors that match your intention and theme.

You can even mix the colors together before painting to really create a personalized art piece.

Find Inspiration

Turn on a radio and listen to your favorite tunes. Close your eyes and envision the tunes on paper. What would they look like if they were painted? Use your imagination to create a really magnificent painting. Paint as the music flows or paint in silence after you’ve listened to your songs, the choice is yours.

You can also find inspiration in books, magazines, and pictures. Find a photo that really keeps your interest. Identify the feelings you get from viewing them. Paint those feelings onto canvas. The intent is to not paint the photo exactly as it is shown, but to alter the painting into a different realm, an artistic interpretation.

Visit an art gallery to gain additional inspiration. Abstract art galleries in Chicago can provide you with a plethora of paintings that can stimulate and motivate. Walk around and study the paintings that really catch your eye. Study the techniques used, the colors painted and the feeling that is created. Take notes and practice the applications at home.

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