What are Vehicle Graphics?

What are Vehicle Graphics?

Car wraps are large, vinyl graphics or decals. They are applied directly over the paint on a vehicle. When the wrap is applied, it allows you to change the way your vehicle looks quickly. You can also remove the wrap when needed and return the vehicle back to its original condition as needed.

What is Involved in Creating Vehicle Wraps and Graphics?

Car wraps, as well as fleet wraps and bus wraps, are created in three phases. The first is when the design is established. During this phase, the designer has to acquire accurate measurements for the vehicle that the wrap is being applied to, in order to determine how and where the graphics will be placed.

The second stage is production when the graphic will be printed and then it is laminated in order to protect the vinyl from harmful UV rays and abrasions. These can alter the quality of the graphic and may cause it to fade. The third phase is when the vinyl is applied to the vehicle. In some situations, there will be another stage, which is when the graphic or wrap is removed from the vehicle.

What is Different Between a Full and Partial Wrap?

Anything that does not cover the complete vehicle is referred to as a partial wrap. If you are interested in half partial wraps, it means the entire backend of the vehicle and about halfway up it is covered, including a graphic on the hood. The three-quarters partial wrap will include the entire back end of the vehicle, a hood logo and almost up the entirety of the vehicle. If you choose full car wraps, it will cover the entire vehicle surface.

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