Comparisons of Living Off-Campus Vs On-Campus

College is another world. It’s new and exciting. You’re away from home and on your own in San Diego. Should you choose housing on-campus or live off-campus? It’s the first of many decisions.

Privacy and Conditions

It’s hard to get a room by yourself on-campus. You’re likely going to have a roommate. If you live off-campus in your own apartment, you can live roommate-free.

Do you like your space or do you hate to be alone? Depending on the kind of person you are you may or may not appreciate the company of a roommate, in which case your campus living experience could drastically change.

Living with a roommate takes team effort. Noise and distractions are an inconvenience. You both should establish respectable boundaries and practice common household rules.

Furnishing and Convenience

When you live in a dorm there isn’t much room to put your possessions but you don’t have to worry about doing any major furnishing. Most of the time when you’re looking at apartments, you will find that they’re vacant and it’s up to you to furnish them. However, luckily there are plenty of short-term furnished apartments in San Diego to choose from.

Limited Availability

With dorms comes scarcity, especially when nearly all of them have been taken up. Students panic in desperation to get a room, and that’s when short-term furnished apartments in San Diego sounds like a good idea. Something to consider, however, is that with an apartment could come legal obligations and a lease.

Whether you choose to live on-campus in a dorm or off-campus in an apartment, both options have their advantages and drawbacks. The decision should be carefully considered.

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