Asbestos Testing: Why It’s Needed

In the past, asbestos was considered the best material to use for a variety of applications, primarily building new premises. However, over time, studies showed how dangerous asbestos was and that it caused one particularly deadly cancer called mesothelioma. Because so many products used asbestos, it was challenging to find out what they all were. As a result, asbestos testing is generally a requirement for many UK-based industries. The trouble is that most average employees cannot detect the material because they aren’t qualified to spot it, so you need to hire a professional who can visually examine and take samples of potential asbestos-filled products safely.

Asbestos testing is not something to take lightly. You may find DIY kits that are designed to help you test for the toxic mineral, but even disturbing the item can lead to exposure, as the asbestos is safe if it remains undisturbed. It’s best to hire an occupational hygienist who has the right tools and PPE to handle the job safely. They will come to your site and check the areas you think have asbestos; if you’re unsure of what area(s) may have it, they can perform an inspection first and then work on testing the various products.

SESA offers asbestos testing for businesses in Wollongong, Sydney, and many other areas in the NSW. The company uses the most competent laboratories that are accredited by the NATA, which is required by WHS Regulation 2017. The occupational hygienists here can sample and test using an independent lab, which is the only conclusive way to identify the asbestos fibres in materials that are suspected to house asbestos. The procedure is complicated, but these professionals are trained to do the job effectively, safely, and quickly. While analysis is pending, they are likely to recommend that you not disturb the area to keep employees safe.