Basic Kayaking Safety Tips

While on holiday, you may choose to enjoy kayaking on the ocean; after all,
it is a great recreational water sport that allows you to really test your
endurance. It involves using canoe-like boats to paddle through open waters
either for leisure or exercise. Given you are going out into open water,
it’s important that you are safe as you enjoy your time in the water. Here
are helpful safety tips for the next time you are go kayaking in Dana Point.

Prepare adequately

Before going out into the water, you need to prepare adequately. If you are
a newbie, reach out to a qualified person to show you proper paddling
techniques, water safety rules, and basic first aid. Things can change
quite quickly while you are out in the water, and it pays to be prepared.
Additionally, brush up on self-rescue techniques in calm shallow water and
extreme conditions if you can.

Wear your safety gear

Before getting into your kayak, ensure you are wearing a lifejacket. Doing
so helps keep your head above water and adds a layer of insulation that
helps keep you warm in cold water. There are life jackets designed
specifically for kayaking that fit more snugly so they don’t come off
should you fall into the water. Also, having these personal floatation
devices onboard is coast guard regulation.

Consider the weight of everyone onboard

Kayaks can easily capsize, especially if the weight is not distributed
evenly. If the boat is too heavy on one side, it’s more prone to start
sinking there. To prevent this, you need to ensure you don’t exceed the
weight capacity of your kayak and that it’s distributed evenly. When using
double kayaks in Dana Point, let the more experienced kayaker sit in the
rear so they can steer the kayak.

Lastly, always follow the boating rules of the area you are kayaking in and
be aware of the weather conditions before setting out. Happy Kayaking!