Benefits In Using A Dog Boarding Kennel in Manhattan

by | May 13, 2021 | Pets

When a dog owner finds out they need to go away for several days on business for their job; there will be a need to obtain a caretaker to ensure their pooch is fed and walked during their absence. There are several reasons why using a Dog Boarding in Manhattan will be beneficial over having someone come to the home to care for the dog. Here are some of the benefits one would obtain in choosing a boarding facility over an individual caretaker.

Around The Clock Care

A kennel will have a professional available to look after all pets in the facility at all hours of the day and night. This is a plus for a traveler who does not have a friend or family member able to stay inside their home with their pet while they are away. Instead of relying on someone to stop in a few times a day to feed and walk the pet, there will be an individual ready to take on the tasks at a moment’s notice.

Prompt Medical Assistance

Bringing a dog to a kennel will ensure they will receive medical assistance right away if needed. A worker will check on all pets in the facility at frequent intervals. If a dog in the boarding kennel needs medicine, it will be administered at the request of the pet owner at specified times.

Social Activities

A dog in a dog kennel will have the benefit of interacting with other canine companions staying at the same time. If a dog is not used to being around other pets, they will still have the benefit of playing with those working at the facility. This will help keep them from becoming depressed as dogs often do when they are left for many hours alone.

When it becomes necessary to contact a Dog Boarding in Manhattan, consider giving NY Tails a call. They will be able to answer any questions about the procedures used in their facility, and a tour can be scheduled to check out the amenities available if desired.

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