Better Healthcare Services Through RCM Software in Orlando, FL

The first priority for a medical provider is the patient. Any time spent on inadequate billing and revenue cycle solutions is time away from patients and administration. Software dedicated to the management of revenue cycles and equipped for addiction and mental health treatment allows providers to optimize patient healthcare.

A Bundled Solution for Healthcare RCM

While spreadsheets may work in the absence of other options, medical billing revenue cycle software revolutionizes the process by adding built-in functions, including clinic-specific codes that return real-time calculations. These mean less field updating, and simple claim follow-up through reports generated daily, weekly, or monthly.

Consultation and System Customization

Medical billing revenue cycle software streamlines the entire process and provides greater reach and access to relevant information. Customized software packages via the guidance of expert RCM and EHR consultants integrate billing and ancillary-services-specific features. And claim generation is smoother with access to major insurance companies.

Software and Service Features

Revenue cycle management features can include:

  • Code Updates
  • Claims Scrubbing
  • Denial Management
  • Underbilling Elimination
  • Data and Analytics in Real-Time
  • Clearinghouse Integration
  • Payment Management
  • Census Report
  • Financial Reports
  • Reports on Patient Activity

Consult With RCM Experts Today

Healthcare RCM services provide for an automated and more manageable workflow for billing and claims. For EHR and RCM software that optimizes outreach, patient intake and admissions, medication management, and billing for addiction and mental health treatment professionals, contact AZZLY Rize at (888) 400-3201 or via today.