Bottle-Break Your Family and Save with Water Filtration at Home

Bottle-Break Your Family and Save with Water Filtration at Home

The international bottled water industry is a $14.4 billion giant. Whether it’s at a sporting event at the gym or just a day at home or the office, modern Americans love bottled water. What you might not appreciate is when you find out just how much your family’s yearly bottle-drinking habit costs you. Drinking water can cost 800 times what a similar amount of tap water does!

One way to tap into savings with your water is to make use of that much-cheaper tap water. While many Americans are uncomfortable with the idea of drinking their water straight from the tap, whether for taste or quality reasons, there are many ways around these concerns. One of the most popular is the refrigerator water filter.

Filter Your Water, Save Your Dollars

It’s no secret that tap water is much less expensive than bottled even though quality standards are often the same. In fact, while municipal water is monitored by the EPA – with 90% of all municipalities meeting all standards – bottled water is largely unmonitored. Sort of makes you feel like you’re wasting your money on claims of purity, right?

Unlike these sometimes-unfounded claims, the water that moves through a properly-functioning refrigerator filter must meet industry-standard levels of safety and purity. Purchasing your equipment from a reputable retailer of filtration systems can help you ensure that you’re getting a top-quality device and help you obtain information about these standards and how your filter’s output meets them.

Saving Energy at Home and Around the World

The amount of plastic used to create the billions of bottles used worldwide annually also costs a great deal of time and energy to produce. If a major switch was made to reusable containers filled with home-filtered water, the average person would see a minor decrease in their own energy usage footprint by using a built-in refrigerator water filter while the world at large would enjoy a much more drastic improvement. It’s a switch that many consumers would enjoy making without hesitation – especially when they know all the facts!