Cattle Leasing is a Very Viable Option to Angus Bull Ownership

Very often cattlemen looking to breed their stock will look to lease bulls as opposed to taking bull ownership. When this is the case, the cattleman should do a good deal of research into cattle leasing companies. There are some outstanding traits to look at that often differentiate the good cattle leasing companies from the cattle leasing companies that are at the tops in their field. A few factors to take into consideration include:


How long has the leasing company been a success in this highly competitive field? The most successful and prosperous leasing companies have been in business for many decades. They certainly wouldn’t be around for that long if they weren’t very good at what they do.

Quality of the bulls

Most certainly, the only way to go with breeding is to ensure that the bulls being leased are well-bred Angus bulls that come from a very strong lineage.

Does the leasing company recognize Superior Genetics?

The very best leasing company incorporates practiced performance measurement as well as rigid selection for reproduction, feed conversion, rapid growth, and carcass merit. If these procedures are followed over time, this is the formula that helps produce the finest Angus bulls and helps them develop that critical lineage line.

Does the leasing company have a Plan of Action for the client?

Customers should ensure the leasing company wants complete clarity and transparency in order to be able to develop an effective bull leasing plan. They will then know which of their fine bulls will be part of the plan, helping the client to ultimately maximize profits and reduce their risk.

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