The Challenges to The Do-It-Yourself Epoxy Garage Floor Option

Most people looking for garage flooring options have spent some time browsing online or looking through the selection of products at their local hardware or big box home supply store. There are a variety of these products offered across Nebraska, with several options in do-it-yourself epoxy garage floor kits in most stores.

These kits look easy to use and, in most cases, they are very simple. However, their simplicity and the lack of professional grade epoxy can create a lot of problems in the application process as well as a result in a lower quality of flooring.

Floor Prep Problems

The epoxy garage floor do-it-yourself kits typically don’t provide a lot of information about floor prep. Professional companies assess the type of concrete and the specific damage, then choose a repair material that bonds to the concrete to fill in cracks and substantial areas of damage.

Then, they also use a diamond grinder to sand the entire surface completely, including any patched areas. This creates a porous, clean surface that allows the epoxy they use to bond to the surface.

Unfortunately, with home installations and the kits, this is often a step that is missed or done incorrectly. Any residue of oil, grease or chemicals left on the concrete can result in problems with the epoxy adhering to the surface, a common issue with the do-it-yourself applications.

Professional Vs. Home Kit Epoxy

The professional installation companies use an industrial epoxy garage floor coating that is mixed on-site and to the specifics of the concrete floor. The kits do not allow for customization and, with the much thinner mixture, there is limited ability to fill in minor surface imperfections and create a smooth, level surface.

With the benefit of a lifetime warranty of a professionally installed epoxy floor, it is the best option for a durable flooring option. Talk to your local Nebraska epoxy flooring company and compare the quality and expected life of the DIY floor to the to the far superior professionally-installed epoxy floor.