Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Richmond Company To Install An Epoxy Garage Floor

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Richmond Company To Install An Epoxy Garage Floor

It can be overwhelming for a homeowner to meet with contractors to talk about installing an epoxy garage floor in a Richmond home. Many homeowners fear the high-pressure sales pitches or become lost in a lot of technical talk and information.

There are some simple, easy to follow strategies to use to avoid these issues and to find the ideal professional epoxy flooring contractor. Knowing what to ask and what answers to expect in a top contractor make the process easy.

It is always convenient and easy to visit the website of each epoxy garage floor contractor you are considering. This provides good information and also allows the consumer to check out the company’s experience, installation services and processes.

Ask About Experience

Even with a website review, ask the company about their experience with installing residential garage floors. Top companies are happy to provide references in the Richmond area, which is a good way to find out about the installation process as well as the durability of the epoxy garage floor from past customers.

Industry Knowledge

The contractor should be able to describe the steps in the installation of the epoxy floor coating as well as provide information about the products they install. Low VOC products are highly recommended for safety, and always ensure the company offers the flooring colors, looks and finishing textures that work for your garage space.

Understand the Warranty

Professional installers provide a warranty with their epoxy floor. Some companies offer a lifetime warranty which offers peace of mind for the homeowner. This warranty should include both the product and the installation as well as options for UV stability and resistance to avoid any color change over time.