Choose a Door Lock With a Keypad That Never Stays the Same for Security

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Security

When you look at most keypads on a door lock, they are fixed. They may have raised buttons. Otherwise, they are simply numbers on a pad that never change. You may think you are doing yourself a favor by choosing this type of security measure. The problem is others could be watching you or your family members as you enter your home. With a little help from binoculars, they could see which numbers you have touched. Nothing will hold them back from using that knowledge to get in your home. All they’ll have to do is open the door. The Pin Genie Smart Lock app can change it up every time so on one will be able to copy your moves.

Give Yourself the Gift of a Keypad That Is Always Changing

The Pin Genie Smart Lock app takes an innovative approach by creating a different location for the numbers on your keypad every time it is used. It doesn’t matter if you used your keypad to grab something in the house, walked back out to the car, and came back five minutes later. You’ll have to pay close attention because the numbers won’t be in the same place, they were the last time. It’s a feature that is really confusing to seasoned thieves who think your keypad will be a breeze.

Enjoy the Benefits That Come With an Intelligent Keypad

Your Pin Genie Smart Lock app isn’t only going to change for you. Every time someone steps up to your door, it will refresh. The numbers will shift. It’s a digital feature that can be combined with other measures, such as biometric fingerprint access, and remote access through the use of your smartphone. Choose a lock that will support your efforts to keep your household as safe as possible.

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