How a Screen Can Greatly Increase the Functionality of Your Porch

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Pool Enclosures

Your home’s porch is your own little slice of outdoor paradise. There’s little that can be better than laying back on a porch swing with a cold glass of lemonade and a good book. Of course, every porch comes with inconveniences such as bugs, weather, and sunlight. To remove these inconveniences and make your porch truly perfect, then, you can take advantage of screen porch installation in Orange Park. Here are a few ways that a screen can greatly increase the functionality of your porch.

No Bugs

If you hate the thought of going outside because you’re sure to come back inside covered in bug bites, a new screen porch installation in Orange Park is right for you. Properly utilized, screens can keep out all bugs, eliminating the need for sprays, torches, and candles to try and keep the bugs away. When you consider the potential diseases that some bugs carry, keeping them away from you and your family is a definite perk of a porch screen.

Less Sun

Another potential problem with porches is the daily exposure to direct sunlight that they receive. This can create hot and unpleasant conditions that can also lead to a sunburn. With a porch screen in place, however, the sunlight will be filtered as it comes onto your porch, even when your porch directly faces the sun. Additionally, you can add accessories to your porch screen that allow you to block out the sun altogether.

Weather Protection

If you’ve ever had a relaxing day on your porch interrupted by a sudden rainstorm, screen porch installation in Orange Park is the way to go. Porch screens themselves help to prevent blowing rain from entering your porch. When paired with a solid-surface overhang, you have a highly weather-resistant space that you can enjoy in all types of weather. This will allow you to make plans with family and friends and be sure that you can keep them even if the forecast changes.

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