Effectively Doing Patio Screen Repair in Orange Park

Effectively Doing Patio Screen Repair in Orange Park

When a homeowner notices they have a rip or hole in a patio screen door, they will most likely want to take the needed steps in having it repaired promptly. Failing to repair can lead to insects getting into the home as well as an unsightly door. Here are some ways to do Patio Screen Repair in Orange Park.

Apply A Clear Barrier On The Affected Area

If the damage to the screen is minimal, a dab of clear nail polish or a window repairing adhesive can be applied directly over the area; this will dry and harden after application and will seal the hole effectively. The area will be difficult to see from afar and will help in keeping the broken portion from escalating in size.

Place Mesh Over The Ripped Portion

A window screen repair kit can be used to patch a tear. The downside of using this type of procedure is that the area will be visibly noticeable as it will appear darker in color since two layers of mesh will be stacked on top of each other where the damage is present. A bit of mesh could be cut to fit over the ripped portion. It is then connected to the existing screen with help from a piece of clear thread or fishing line. This covering will give ample protection against the entry of insects and is the right solution when waiting for a screen replacement or repair.

Contact A Professional Repair Service

Enlisting help from a professional screen repair business is best. A professional will take a look at the broken screen and make recommendations on how to repair it properly, so the damage is patched and not visible. If the screen is beyond repair, they will be able to replace it with a new one.

When there is a need to find out more about patio screen repair in Orange Park, calling a service dedicated to fixing screens is best. Contact SCREENWORKS for more information!