Chromavision Delivers Top-Level Sound Design Services

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Business

Chromavision Sound is an audio studio based in New York that provides sound design services for movies, television and media events. The equipment we use in our studio and the sound designers who work here are among the best in the industry. Among the honors we have won is an Emmy.

Our studio has two control rooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Soundminer is a tool that manages sound for film, TV and musical-performance recording that renders sounds true and vibrant. In addition to it, we have the Dolby DP571 Dolby E encoder and the Dolby DP 572 Dolby E encoder. We use them for the dissemination of multiple channels of high-quality audio plus Dolby Digital effects.

At Chromavision Sound, we have a recording booth that can handle multiple voices. Our two audio suites have Pro Tools HD and mixing equipment for 5.1 sound. While some our technicians might be mixing sound for recorded voices or from a musical performance, other employees might be retrieving sounds from our extensive audio libraries. We have 20 of them featuring music and sound effects. Because of these holdings, Chromavision is one of New Yorks’s largest audio repositories.

Our services have been on display for many to see, We did the finishing and sound mixing for the teaser and trailer for “I Am Not Your Negro.” This 2017 film, which was based on an unfinished manuscript by James Baldwin, was nominated for an Academy Award in the documentary category.

Choose Chromavision when you want excellent sound design services for the big screen, the little screen or for marketing purposes. We’re a full-service audio studio with wide-ranging experience and highly skilled technicians. Contact us to discuss how we can help you to get impressive sound for your project.

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