The Advantages of Transcreener Assays

An understanding of how a disease works is crucial to the development of drugs for it. The workings of a disease can involve a wide variety of actions such as how it multiplies, how it spreads, and how it decreases or increases in quantity. These actions can all be further categorized in terms of intensity and speed. But how do you get an idea of how a disease behaves, particularly on a molecular level? You have to get up close and observe it in detail. In order to identify the proper components, a Transcreener assay can be used.

Detection of Enzymes with a Transcreener

As the “trans” in the name suggests, a Transcreener, made by, is able to detect more than just a few enzymes. It is able to detect all of the enzymes as they are categorized within a family. It is also able to detect all acceptor substrates. This makes it possible for a wider variety of enzymes to be observed and studied, which opens up the possibility of observing—and determining which drugs are best for—the treatment of a wider variety of diseases. Also, as having more data often does, more details can be revealed regarding the activity of the target enzymes, which also opens up new doors for the exploration of treatments and the development of drugs.

The use of far red fluorescence further helps enhance the process. These dyes have a ratiometric output, which means the output is proportionate to the input. This allows for the marking and tracing to be performed with greater precision. This, of course, produces more accurate results, which is due to the fact that interference is reduced. As each compound is marked, the amount light that scatters outward from it is reduced according to ratiometric principles. When things are kept under control in this way, the fluorescent compounds are easier studied.

The use of Transcreener ADP2 kinase assay kits helps make a difficult task easier. The process of lead discovery is critical to the development of drugs that can benefit millions of people. When the appropriate compounds are identified, they can be used as the building blocks for a variety of drugs. They set the stage for back-up compounds and the resulting components for the enhancement of these into real drugs that can end up helping people all over the world. However, the first step is made possible through the use of the innovative technology of the Transcreener assay.

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