What Are the Benefits of the Transcreener ATPase Assay?

When you are searching for a quality ATPase assay kit, be sure to consider the Transcreener ATPase assay from BellBrook Labs. Once you start to delve into the features and options that are available with the kit, you will see that it is truly one of the best options available today. The following are just some of the benefits that it can offer and reasons that you might want to use it for your research.

Reduction of False Positives

One of the problems that can be found with other assays is false positives. However, when you are using this ATPase assay kit, you will find that the number of these errors is likely to diminish. The use of the far-red tracers helps to “eliminate fluorescent compound interference.” This means you will be spending less time trying to determine whether the hits were real or if they were simply false positives.

A Flexible and Universal Format

This ATPase assay is considered to be in a flexible assay format. It can be used with 96 well plates, 384 well plates, and with 1536 well plates. In addition, it is a universalmethod, which means that it can be used to screen for nearly any ATPase enzyme.

Less Enzyme Needed

Thanks to the way the system works, you will find that you need to have less enzyme to run the assay. While this might seem like a small benefit, it truly can make running the assays faster, easier, and more effective for your company. On large screens, the reduction of enzyme required can save thousands in production costs.


One of the other nice benefits of these ATPase activity assays is the fact that the reagents are stable. They will remain stable while they are at room temperature for at least eight hours, and the “fluorescent signal stability” will be stable for 24 hours at a minimum. Therefore, this can provide the users with more flexibility when it comes to performing large scale automated screens.

As you can see, there are a host of wonderful reasons to consider using the Transcreener ATPase assay kit from BellBrook Labs, and these are just some of the benefits. Even if this is not the assay you need, there will surely be a solution that is going to work well for your lab’s needs, whatever they might be.

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