Cleaning Frameless Shower Doors In Plainfield

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Glass

If someone wishes to increase the feeling of space in their bathroom, they may opt to have frameless shower doors in Plainfield installed instead of using r shower curtain. These doors will instantly make the bathroom feel larger, expanding the amount of viewable space with glass panes. These glass panes will need to be cared for properly, so they last for many years to come. Here are some steps one can take to keep their shower doors in the best condition, allowing them to remain crystal clear and aesthetically pleasing as a result.

It is important to clean glass shower doors after each use. Failing to follow a cleaning procedure can lead to streaked glass and a build-up of grime. Keeping cleaning tools in the shower is the best way to be reminded to do a cleaning after a shower is taken. First, the doors should be sprayed with an appropriate glass cleaning spray made for this purpose. Then, a squeegee can be used to remove the solution, leaving behind clear glass. A washcloth can be used to sop up any moisture from the edge of the squeegee’s scraper.

Every few months, the glass can be deep-cleaned to remove any water deposits that may have accumulated on its surface. This can be done with a vinegar and water mixture. Heat a bowl of water and add a few tablespoons of vinegar before putting into a spray bottle. Spray the glass and use the squeegee to remove the solution. This will leave the glass in a pristine condition. Once a year the glass can be wiped down with an automotive wax. This will fill in any pits in the glass, leaving it smooth to the touch. The wax can be rubbed onto the glass and buffed off with a piece of microfiber or fleece cloth.

Anyone interested in having frameless shower doors in Plainfield installed, or who would like more hints on how to keep them clean, can call a reputable shower door installation service in their area. Get more information about frameless shower doors by calling a professional with competitive prices today.

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