Glass Repair in Naperville or Full Replacement: Could a Different Pattern be Enough?

A Glass Repair in Naperville could restore a cracked glass to perfect form. It isn’t especially expensive in most instances, and a repair from Bolingbrook Glass can be scheduled and completed in a course of a few days. But, is that the best approach? Something surely has to be done with the glass, but there may be an entirely different type of action done to the bathroom that could elevate it to a better place.

Instead of getting a glass repair in Naperville, a homeowner could get a glass replacement. Below are three logical reasons why a glass replacement could do a lot to improve a bathroom space and add a new dynamic to a room.

New Glass Texture

Instead of sustaining status quo, a homeowner could just as easily add a new skin or texture. The glass grade could be the same as before, which may keep the costs low. There are many grades of glass that range in cost. For the most part, the rarer and harder to achieve glass textures are more expensive. A few common types include Flemish, Cottswold, and Seedy. Seedy is a very subdued style that looks very flat but has slight grooves that are more visible at close inspection. Flemish is thick and mimics the design of huge swabs of water dripping from the glass after a major rainfall. Cottswold is the medium between the two. The result is little splashes of water that drip softly and delicately in small grooves. Getting a new glass pane texture entirely is a great reason to opt for a full replacement over a simple repair.


The new glass could also be laminated. Laminate is an additional hard surface coat. This will protect the new glass from being cracked like the one before. Tempered glass will keep it durable and formidable, avoiding another repair in the near future.

New glass is ideal, but many opt for a repair because of the cost. Yet, there are options available to keep the costs low. A new glass could take advantage of a new look, and boost the visual ambiance of the bathroom in the meantime.