Connecticut Solar Ground Mounts

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Solar Panels

Most homeowners think they need the perfect roof in order to benefit from a solar installation. However, solar panels mounted in a field or your yard can oftentimes be just as effective or more effective than the perfect roof. Ground mounted solar panels also oftentimes cost less to install than roof mounted solar panels because of the reduced risk to the contractor. So, if you’re looking to bring solar to your home but do not have the perfect roof, you can still benefit from ground mounted solar panels.

What are Solar Ground Mounts?

Ground mounted solar panels are exactly what they sound like, solar panels mounted on the ground instead of on a roof. This allows you to determine the optimal location and angle for your solar panels instead of using whatever your roof allows. It also keeps the overall aesthetic of your house in-tact while still increasing your overall property value from the reduced cost of utilities. Overall, ground mounted solar panels give anyone access to the huge benefits solar offers.

The Two Types of Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar panels come in two distinct forms, standard ground mounts and pole mounted solar systems. Standard ground mounts hold the solar panels at a fixed angle through a metal frame mounted directly into the ground. This type of mount requires additional work to shift the angle of the panels during the different seasons as the pattern of the sun changes.

Pole mounted solar systems use a single pole mounted into the ground to support multiple panels on a single mount. These types of mounts elevate the panels higher off the ground to help avoid any obstructions. It also makes it easier to adjust the panels for the optimal angle based on the pattern of the sun. With this ease of adjustment, most pole mounted solar systems use an integrated tracking system to keep the optimal angle at all times. Tracking systems come in two forms, single-axis or dual-axis. Single-axis systems track the sun throughout the day for peak efficiency as the day progresses. Dual-axis systems also adjust the panels as the seasons shift the sun’s pattern in the sky. Overall, tracking systems can increase the efficiency of your solar panels by up to 25%.

Do Ground Mounted Solar Panels Still Qualify for CT Solar Incentives?

One of the biggest concerns of ground mounted solar panels is whether or not they qualify for the great incentives Connecticut has to offer. Thankfully, they do. Whether you’re looking for $0 down financing or the great Connecticut Residential Solar Investment Program, you can benefit from both with ground mounted solar panels. Oftentimes, these programs love ground mounted solar panels because you can achieve peak performance year round yielding a stronger return on investment. This gives the loan officials and incentive programs a higher level of confidence in the success of your solar installation. If you need any help navigating the extensive Connecticut incentive programs, contact Green Power Energy for an expert 

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