3 Questions To Ask Before Committing To An Orlando Exhibit Rental

The chance to exhibit at an event with plenty of potential clients is a dream come true. It’s possible to arrange for exhibit rentals Orlando that are suitable for all sorts of events. By asking a few quick questions, you can determine if the rental under consideration is right for your purposes.

Is The Exhibit Easy To Set Up?

There are some exhibit rentals that can be set up in less than a half-hour and require no tools at all. Others will take more time and require more effort. A lot depends on the amount of space allotted for the exhibit and how handy you are with tools. If you’re not sure, go with a pop-up exhibit that includes an expandable frame, magnetized panels, and lighting that attaches easily to the top.

Can I Configure The Exhibit In More Than One Way?

While there are exhibit rentals Orlando that can only be set up one way, others provide options for configuring the exhibit for different looks. If you’re the creative type and like the idea of being able to adjust things a little once you actually see the reserved exhibit space, go with a rental that you can set up to achieve more than one look. Try two or three different configurations and see which one makes the most favorable visual impact.

Can You Ship The Exhibit Directly To The Event’s Location?

Confirm that the exhibit company will ship your exhibit rentals Orlando directly to the event’s location. At the time you registered for the event, you received contact information for a manager who can provide you with the shipping instructions. That includes how to label the shipment so it’s stored properly until you arrive. It helps if the exhibit company can also provide all the documentation needed to ship the exhibit back once the event is over.

Renting exhibits for trade shows, conferences, and other events is a cost-effective way to make a good impression and attract more attention from potential customers. Choose wisely and you could make some excellent connections that eventually become loyal clients.