Covering all the Financial Needs for Catastrophic Injuries with Injury Lawyers in Saint Paul

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Lawyers

Serious spine and head injuries can end with a person who is unable to care for oneself. Family members directly affected by this can file a personal injury claim for the hurt relative. Catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries are grouped in a category that comes to the conclusion a person has permanently lost vital functions of the body. A person with a catastrophic brain or spinal injury is considered permanently disabled with little or no recovery to be expected. When trauma like this is sustained from the negligent driver of a car accident, immediate family members can file a lawsuit on behalf of a loved one. To add to the stress and grief of a severely injured relative, meeting the demands of care might require taking a leave of absence from work. The flow of income can take a big hit as well. Financial strain calls for a case that moves as quickly as possible so the people it’s impacting get relief.

Injury Lawyers Saint Paul work hard to recover the losses for catastrophic injuries. Medical bills rapidly build up with treatment for such devastating injuries. Compensation for health care is a major constituent in these cases. Medical bills that aren’t covered means lasting debt for the person who is burdened to pay. A doctor should give a medical exam and keep watch on health for at least several weeks after the injury. A report that describes changes in health can be useful to the court.

Those who suffered serious bodily harm, but were spared the faculties of the brain can file personal injury claims without assistance from a relative. Injuries like dismemberment and paralysis is a permanent physical change of the body that can have a person unable to return to an occupation. There are extreme physical limitations that makes it hard to meet the qualifications for many other jobs. Someone in a position like this will probably find it hard to earn a living without assistance. Injury Lawyers Saint Paul can assist in filing for disability benefits in addition to the compensation received for personal injury. Contact Rutzick Law Offices to schedule a free consultation.

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