Deadliest Enemies of the Motorcycle Battery

Deadliest Enemies of the Motorcycle Battery

Your motorcycle battery is what makes your motorcycle reach the speeds it’s capable of. Sure, the wheels, machinery, and proper maintenance are important, but without the battery, you won’t even get your motorcycle out of the driveway, and you’d be essentially left with a big metal paperweight. As such, it’s important to identify the biggest risks to your battery, so that they can be avoided for guaranteed longer lifespan for your battery. So, if you are reading online motorcycle reviews and other publications for the best battery in the business, it may also pay to know what stands to destroy your battery as well.


Batteries inevitably get hot, but too much heat for too long a time can be lethal to your batteries lifespan. Temperatures exceeding 130 degrees Fahrenheit will drastically lower the longevity of your battery. You need to store your battery in a cool place when it’s not in your motorcycle. And when it is in your motorcycle, be sure to keep it parked in the shade. A battery kept at 95 degrees will discharge twice as fast as one stored at only 75. Do not underestimate the power of heat to utterly destroy your battery.


If the heat doesn’t get your battery, vibration will. If your battery is rattling around in its socket in your motorcycle, something is very wrong. Make sure you get this checked out as soon as possible, by taking the motorcycle to a shop (if you lack the equipment to do this yourself) and inspect the mounting hardware, and see if rubber supports or bumpers are required to keep your battery running. A vibrating battery is an unhealthy battery, and if it breaks inside your motorcycle, then that can cause serious damage to the rest of the machine.


This is the opposite end of the spectrum from #1. While excessive heat is a major problem with motorcycle batteries, too much cold can be just as bad. Batteries contain a chemical known as electrolyte acid, which can turn into normal water when discharged. And if the battery is stored in conditions of around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the water will freeze, which will cause excessive damage to the battery. Make sure to properly store your battery in a climate controlled area, like the inside of your house, where you can alter how hot or cold it is at will, and keep your battery from getting too hot or too cold.

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