What You Need to Know about Curing Your New Pizza Oven

What You Need to Know about Curing Your New Pizza Oven

Have you recently purchased a new pizza oven? If so, now is the time to learn to cure it. The fact is curing your pizza oven is essential to its overall performance. Use the information here to learn about pizza oven curing, it’s importance and how to do it.

Why Is Curing So Important?

When originally cast, your oven contains a high amount of water to concrete. This has to be baked out of it. The curing process helps strengthen the dome when it’s done the right way. However, if your oven becomes excessively hot too quickly, the water trying to escape the dome may actually crack it.

When to Begin the Curing Process

The curing of your pizza oven is something that needs to be done at the appropriate time. Before you actually begin the process, you should allow it to sit in place for an entire week. It won’t matter if it has rained because the moisture can help strengthen the material.

If you have purchased a pre-assembled pizza oven, this week period won’t apply. That’s because the assembly time at the facility is adequate.

How to Cure Your Pizza Oven

Start a fire at the middle of the interior dome and maintain it. It should never touch the dome. For the first day, heat the fire to 300 degrees F for six hours. Use the following guidelines for the remainder of the curing process:

  • Day 2 – 350 degrees F for sic hours
  • Day 3 – repeat at 400 degrees F
  • Day 4 – repeat at 450 degrees F
  • Day 5 – repeat at 500 degrees F

When it comes to curing your pizza oven, you need to remember this is not a step you should skip. More information about this process can be found by visiting the Business Name website.