The Drawbacks of Residing On-Base

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Business

When it comes to military housing in San Diego, most candidates consider living on-base first and foremost. However, it’s just as worth noting that this isn’t your only option! There are just as many choices for off-base military housing in San Diego that will prove equally suitable for you and your family, perhaps even more suitable than on-base housing. What’s more is that with all of the benefits of on-base housing come with just as many drawbacks. Read on to learn why military housing in San Diego may be the better choice.

A Nearby Reprieve

If you’re a seasoned officer, you may find yourself occasionally chafing at being constantly surrounded by the military and all that it entails. The good news is that, despite the name, military housing in San Diego offers you the chance for a different and refreshing sense of normalcy. A standard apartment won’t be quite as regulated as things are on base, allowing you to manage your household as you see fit and potentially socialize with neighbors from other walks of life.

More Privacy

Some take pleasure in on-base military housing because it is effectively its own little community. Everyone knows and looks out for each other on a regular basis—a fact that, for quite a few people, provides a sense of security. However, for just as many others, this type of close-knit environment means there’s very little privacy! If you’re interested in knowing your neighbors, but not knowing them too much (or vice versa), off-base military housing in San Diego may be the better option for you and your family.

More Space

Military housing is notoriously tiny. While this may be fine if you and your partner are newlyweds, you may find yourself feeling cramped as your family grows. The solution to this is to look around at other options for military housing in San Diego! Living off-base will give you the chance to enjoy a home with a bit more space, as well as the freedom to choose more suitable living conditions based on your needs.

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