Essential Tips for Online Auto Marketing

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Automotive

Over twenty-five years ago, the internet was accessible to everyone with a computer, and now it is widely available on handheld devices. The internet is shaping consumer trends on a daily basis with the quality of content on social media, and the number of likes, shares, and clicks on a website. It has now become mandatory for businesses to invest in search engine optimization for their blogs and websites. Dealerships stocking the Kia Rio in Wayne, NJ must follow suit.

The Kia Rio is a subcompact car that is gaining popularity with the millennial generation for its exquisite looks, spacious, multifunctional and high-tech interior. This generation starts their shopping online and completes it in the brick and mortar stores and yards.

The most successful dealerships in Wayne, New Jersey and around the world can attest to the fact that quality online presence matters. The following are things to do when setting up an online digital marketing platform for the Kia Rio in Wayne, NJ.

  • Social Media: – It is undeniable that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more sites are high influencers in marketing. Instagram has an estimated 200 million, over a billion Facebook and 313 million on Twitter active users, a dealership cannot forego the chance to participate in social media sites.
  • Email Marketing: – Studies suggest that the average millennial spends over 7 hours online. Email has become essential in sending information and dealerships offering the Kia Rio in Wayne, NJ will benefit a lot with email marketing.
  • Blogging: – Blogs are the new books. Every day thousands of blogs provide valuable information to the masses. The trick is to ensure quality and compelling content on the Kia Rio to get more following online. Ultimately, it will result in more traffic to the dealership. Synchronizing the blog with social media will go a long way in marketing the dealership online.

Finally, strive to contribute content on dealership blogs that offer the Kia Rio in Wayne, NJ and other auto related blogs. While not all readers will afford a Kia Rio, they will remember the guest blog post contributed to their gaining of knowledge. Overall, set up focus groups for online promotions and content creation.

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