Tips for Assessing Used Cars in Oshkosh, WI

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Automotive

The family car is not long for this world. That means a replacement is in order. Fortunately, the buyer has enough money set aside to purchase a used vehicle. Now, the focus is on evaluating the Used Cars in Oshkosh WI currently offered for sale. Here are some tips that will help with the process.

Purchasing From an Individual

There are essentially two ways to go about finding used cars in Oshkosh WI. One is to approach local dealerships and see what they have on the lot. Another option is to check online classified ads for cars that are being sold by their owners.

There are benefits associated with focusing on used vehicles offered by dealers. In many cases, the range of consumer protections is greater. It’s not unusual for dealership owners to make sure every car on the lot has undergone a full inspection. While not discounting the idea of buying from an individual, remember that the odds of purchasing something that does not come with surprises are better with a dealer.

Take Along a Friend

Having a friend who is mechanically inclined makes it easier to determine if the used car is a good deal. The individual will know all the little things that should be checked, like the presence of buildup around the tail pipe that indicates the engine is burning oil. Having a knowledgeable friend go along and check the car before arranging a test drive will save a lot of time and frustration.

Going for a Spin

Even if the engine is clean and the car seems to be in great shape, always take it for a test drive. Pay close attention how easily the transmission shifts, the amount of noise the engine makes, and how well the car takes corners. While on the test drive, try out every feature the car has to offer. That includes testing the wipers, the defroster, and the heating and cooling system. If the brakes seem to be sluggish, that needs to be noted.

It is possible to find a used car that will provide the buyer with years of reliable service. Find more information about used cars by visiting a dealership and talking with the staff. It won’t take long to identify makes and models that are right for the buyer, give them a try, and end up with the right one.

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