Tips for Cleaning Up After Changing Lexmark Ink Cartridges in Milwaukee, WI

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Office Supplies

People who work in an office that produces a lot of printed material may need to change the ink cartridges frequently. Ordering lexmark ink cartridges in Milwaukee WI is easy enough, but changing them isn’t always a tidy project. In fact, it can leave ink the person’s hands, and then he or she may feel troubled about visitors to the office noticing. Washing hands in the bathroom sink with regular soap usually won’t solve the problem.

The experts offer some tips that get rid of that inky mess. One easy method is to keep a bottle of liquid dish washing detergent at the workplace. Certain brands are known for being able to clean many substances from various surfaces, and that includes cleaning ink from skin. A scrub brush provides the friction that completes the task.

Other cleaning products are known to remove grease from surfaces also should work to clean ink from skin. However, it’s important to avoid those with harsh chemicals. Applying chlorine bleach to skin, for instance, is hazardous. Bleach can be used to get ink out of clothing if some stains a shirt sleeve or elsewhere, but it also may bleach the colour out of the fabric.

Interestingly, baby oil works to break up some types of ink as well as toner. That’s especially useful for offices that keep a laser printer on hand for certain projects or that didn’t remove an old laser printer after buying a new ink jet model. In addition, some products are well known for removing ballpoint pen ink that gets on clothing. Hairspray is an example, and some employees might keep a bottle of hairspray in a desk drawer for lunchtime touch ups. The ingredient in hairspray that works for this purpose is rubbing alcohol, and that product can be used instead.

Now, whenever someone buys lexmark ink cartridges in Milwaukee WI from a supplier such as Rhyme, this person doesn’t have to worry about how to get spotless hands after changing the cartridges. The strategies other people have devised now easily solve the problem. In fact, this type of store features an online catalog from which office workers can buy the ink and toner cartridges and a variety of cleaning supplies.

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