Fight The Smog

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Business

Fresh air is not something we can take for granted in our world of pollutants. Vehicles that use fossil fuels are a great offender when it comes to air quality. Protecting the air is good for all citizens of our state. Vacaville residents should enjoy fresh air. That’s why the California DMV requires a smog test for cars drive in California. However, there are exceptions.


A recent article on , reports gas or diesel powered vehicles made in 1975 or before are exempt. Likewise, natural gas vehicles weighing over 14,000 pounds are exempt. Diesel vehicles made in 1997 or before or those with a gross weight over 14,000 pounds are exempt as well.

Other exempt vehicles include electric vehicles, motorcycles and vehicles in certain zip codes.

Options for Newer Vehicles

Vehicles that are under six years old do not require a biennial smog check. The owner need only pay a $20 abatement fee. After the six year limit is reached, the owner will need to take it to a smog station for the test.

Exceptions to the Exceptions

The abatement fee option does not apply to non-resident vehicles, diesel vehicles made in 1998 and before under 14,000 pounds gross weight, and special vehicles made in and after 1976.

After the Test

After passing the smog station testing, the owner receives a certificate to present to the DMV when registering or renewing the registration of the vehicle. Test results are most often reported directly to the DMV over the internet. This helps reduce fraud and allows the owner to complete the registration online.

Residents of Vacaville and all over the state of California can breathe easier and deeply knowing their being protected from smog dangers with a simple test. While there are wise exceptions to the testing requirement, the air we breathe is safer as a result of smog testing.

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