Five Signs You Need to See the Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Allergy Doctor

Many people deal with allergies, and not everyone needs medical intervention to control their symptoms. Unfortunately, some people can experience severe allergies that not only cause debilitating symptoms but can also lead to death. It is vital individuals know the allergy warning signs that should alert them they need to see the Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY. With the help of an allergy doctor, individuals can overcome their symptoms and protect against attacks.

If these warning signs are present, an individual should speak with an allergist:

     *     The person is suffering from frequent sinus infections.

     *     The allergies are causing difficulty breathing on a regular basis.

     *     Over-the-counter medications are not keeping the symptoms controlled.

     *     The allergy symptoms are preventing a person from living a normal life.

     *     The person is dealing with frequent coughs and wheezing.

     *     The person is dealing with the symptoms of hay fever several times out of the year.

When allergies become overwhelming, it is imperative a person seeks the doctor to determine what is causing their allergies so they can be properly treated. Many people find over-the-counter remedies simply are not enough to control their symptoms or they end up making them so drowsy they cannot function normally throughout their day.

Allergy testing is sometimes important to help individuals discover what their allergens are. The most common form of allergy testing is done through the scratch method. With this method, the doctor makes a small scratch into the skin and then applies an allergen. These marks are labeled so they can be monitored for a reaction.

Reactions occur when the body releases histamine to combat the allergen. This produces a welt, redness, and itchiness. Once the allergist has determined the allergens a person is allergic to, the right treatment can be put into place.

If you are suffering from allergy symptoms that are affecting your life now is the time to seek treatment from the Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY. Call the office of Dr. C. Steven Smith and ask to schedule a consultation appointment today so you can discover what method of treatment will be most beneficial for bringing your allergy symptoms under control.

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