Four Reasons to Consider Residential Landscape Design in Santa Cruz

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Business

Many homeowners either don’t have the time or the creativity their garden deserves. Here are four reasons to consider professional residential landscape design in Santa Cruz.

Increase a Property’s Value

Residential landscape design is an investment for a home, and can add as much as 15 percent to a property’s value. A professional landscape architect will design a space that adds value and extends the home’s living space while allowing homeowners to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Fire pits, arbors, fountains, and patios can create an inviting space.

Architects Have a Plan

A significant advantage of residential landscape design is that the designers think about landscapes as systems. They assess a property’s problem areas, and create a solid plan to address both the big picture and the minute details of how the landscape will look. They will select the right materials, textures, colors, and styles for the landscape, saving homeowners stress and time.

Landscapers Can Design Low-Maintenance Gardens with Native Plants

For owners who want low-maintenance gardens, native plants are the answer. These plants reduce chemical applications and water costs, while butterflies and bumblebees flourish among them. A landscape architect can effortlessly incorporate the plants into the design.

The Correct Placement of Trees Can Lower Energy Bills

Landscape architects know exactly where to place trees and large shrubs, to help lower a homeowner’s energy bills by reducing cooling and heating expenses.

Having an attractive, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly landscape not only increases a property’s value, but also adds to a homeowner’s enjoyment of their garden. It is a special place for family and friends to gather, and it should be built to last for years to come.

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