Frequently Asked Questions About Maid Service In Richmond VA

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Cleaning Service

In Virginia, residential and commercial property owners can acquire professional cleaning services to manage their cleaning needs. Each client is assigned a cleaning crew who will visit their home as directed and perform the chosen services. A local Maid Service in Richmond VA provides answers to frequently asked questions.

How are the Services Set Up?

The property owner contacts the cleaning provider to set up their services, and they review the services available to them. The cost of the services is based on what requirements are requested by the property owner, and the flat-rate fees provide the property owners with affordable choices for keeping their property clean.

Are There Packages or Deals Available?

Yes, the cleaning service can provide packages based on the most popular services that are requested by property owners. This could include discounts on specialty services such as deep carpeting cleaning or pressure washing. The cleaning provider may offer additional packages or services for frequent customers who schedule regular services.

Are the Cleaning Products Safe for Families and Pets?

Yes, the cleaning provider uses eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t pose a risk to families or pets. The products don’t emit a strong odor or overwhelm living spaces; however, they do keep the property free and clean longer. The property owners may also provide their preferred cleaning products for the cleaners to use when sanitizing the property.

Does the Service Provider Offer Special Services for Locals?

Yes, among the special services that are available to local property owners are thorough refrigerator cleaning. The service provider may provide promotional deals for frequent customers based on the total number of cleanings they request.

Does the Provider Screen Workers Thoroughly?

Yes, all candidates that are hired are screened for a criminal background, and the service provider ensures the safety of homeowners and their belongings. The property owner can utilize the same cleaning crew each time if they prefer.

In Virginia, residential and commercial property owners hire a professional cleaning service to keep their property clean and sanitary. Royal Cleaning Services offers residential cleaning services for both homes and businesses in Richmond, VA. Visit for more information!

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