Getting the Most out of Your Summer Vacation with Inflatables

Whether you live in Nebraska and just plan on a “staycation” this summer or you are traveling to Nebraska from another state, there are lots of ways to have fun in the sun and the waterways here. One of the most fun things to do on the water is to rent a boating tube or water ski tubes. If you have never tried these, here’s a little more information to whet your appetite for a trial on the water.

Basic Boating Tube

A boating tube is an upgrade from a pool float. One or more people can sit in this tube that is very much an inflatable raft-type of water accessory. A speed boat connects a tow line to the tube and then pulls everyone in the tube all over the lake or river. Lifejackets are required because kids and adults can fall out if they don’t hold on to the tube’s handles.

Water Ski Tubes

These are modified pool floats. They act like a jet ski, except they aren’t self-powered. A speed boat provides the power for them to go around, while one to two riders sit or stand on the ski tube. They mimic a jet ski or water skiing experience quite well, with the spray of water coming up at you and getting you wet. There are lots of fun and different styles of ski tubes to rent too. Try one or more of these fun water accessories by going to WOW Sports LLC via today.

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