How to Be the Hand of God – The Role of the Church in Helping Those in Need

How to Be the Hand of God – The Role of the Church in Helping Those in Need

The role of the church in helping those in need is well-known. Knowing how to approach and accomplish this can be the sticking point for many people, though. How can churches in Detroit and other major cities show the love of God to others by serving the needs of those in poverty?

Share God’s Love First

Identifying yourself as a member of your local church – and more importantly, as a member of the overall church – is an important first step. No matter what else you do, when you’re making a positive difference it is crucial that those you are serving to know that you are doing so in the Lord’s name and not your own. This will help them come to know the care and compassion of Christ through your actions – and the impact has eternal implications!

Teach a Man to Fish

Education is the second most important aspect of assisting those in poverty. Oftentimes, people living below the poverty line do not know about the many public and private programs available in their area to assist them and their families in getting the things they need. While it’s important to meet current needs, it’s even more crucial to ensure that those you are helping learn to get the things they need on their own, moving forward.

Shelter, Service, Hope

The church should be what it needs to be to those who need it. In other words, those who need should be able to rely on churches in Detroit and other major cities to give them what they need. This may include:

  • Clothing closets.
  • Food pantry.
  • Educational assistance programs.
  • Job and hiring fairs for the unemployed.
  • Construction and long-term housing projects.
  • Shelter for those in need of temporary housing.

Whatever it is that the people need, it is up to local churches to step up and meet that need. Next time you’re considering how to help those around you, start with this list – and start talking to your fellow congregants about how you can better be the hands of God, on earth.