Has the Time Come to Talk With a Financial Advisor in Marysville, CA?

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Financial Advisor

While some people have the talent to come up with financial plans and make them work, others could use some help. That’s where the idea of working with a financial advisor in Marysville CA comes into the picture. Here are some situations that call for seeking out this type of professional experience and working toward building a stronger financial foundation.

Wanting to Buy a Home

It would be great to be in a position to purchase a home in about five years. Right now, that’s impossible for a number of reasons. In order to come up with a plan, it makes sense to sit down with a Financial Advisor in Marysville CA. The professional can look over the present finances of the client and develop a plan that makes it possible to set aside money for a down payment, and improve the credit rating over the next few years. Assuming the client sticks with the program, the ability to secure the dream home and finance the purchase will not be difficult.

Creating Income Streams for Retirement

Gone are the days when individuals could depend on employee pension plans and Social Security to provide sufficient income for the retirement years. The best approach is to establish personal retirement plans that make it easier to save for retirement. A professional can help the client understand the pros and cons associated with every type of IRA, personal pension plan, and other investment options. In the end, the result will be several revenue streams that come together and ensure the individual is financially comfortable after leaving the work force.

Making Provisions for a Loved One

The goal of setting aside funds to take care of a loved one is common for many people. In some cases, the idea is to create a fund that covers the cost of pursuing a degree. At other times, the idea is to provide a monthly stipend that helps a child make ends meet once the parents have passed away. Whatever the goal for those provisions, an advisor can help the client explore ways to realize the goal.

If the idea of becoming more financially secure has been on the mind lately, today’s the right time to visit us and start making plans. In many cases, the solutions will be easier to manage than the client anticipates.

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