How a Real Estate Lawyer in Huntersville, NC Helps Buyers

by | May 24, 2016 | Lawyers

In North Carolina, real estate buyers take measures to prevent difficulties and financial losses. These measures should begin with consulting an attorney about their rights. A real estate lawyer in Huntersville, NC enforces the buyer’s rights and prevents potential losses.

Conducting a Title Search and Providing Title Insurance

A title search is vital to identifying the rightful owner. They must be conducted for all real estate transactions and must encompass the last twenty years of title transfers. Title insurance is provided for the buyer. The insurance guarantees a refund for the buyer, if the seller isn’t the rightful owner.

Reviewing the Sales Contract

The attorney reviews the sales contract for unwanted clauses, which may provide more commission than the real estate agent should receive. It could also impose a contingency that delays acquisition of the property for the buyer. The attorney pushes for the removal of any clauses or terms that aren’t conducive with the buyer’s interests.

Evaluating the Inspection Report

An inspection is performed after the buyer’s offer is accepted. The findings of the inspection determines if the property possesses any existing issues. The attorney determines if the appraised value is acceptable based on these findings.

They may also protect the buyer’s rights to end the sales contract if major problems exist. The attorney could also negotiate terms in the contract to acquire repairs. An additional inspection is needed, if the seller accepts and performs the repairs.

Assessing the Terms of the Mortgage Loan

Lending laws prevent lenders from providing mortgage loans that aren’t affordable. These tactics are used to ensure that the borrower faces foreclosure. They are unethical and place buyers in difficult situations intentionally. Attorneys review the loan terms to identify these conditions and remedy them.

In North Carolina, real estate transactions are complex. First-time home buyers could face difficulties with the necessary procedures. They could lose money or acquire a less than stellar property. Residential home buyers who need help should hire a real estate lawyer in Huntersville, NC or get more information today.

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