How Industrial Waste Disposal Is Managed

Managed industrial waste disposal is very critical because it reduces cases of environmental harming. However, many industries do not manage their disposals very well, but they can learn how to do so and reduce these cases. If your industry is among these, there are certain practices you can follow to ensure you dispose of industrial waste appropriately. They include;

Recycling and segregating

Most of the waste that your industry produces cannot be reused; hence you will need to select those that can be recycled. Set bins or pits where this waste can be placed and see what your industry can handle and what it cannot. The ones that cannot handle can be sold to other industries that require such material. The waste that cannot be recycled and is harmful can be segregated.


Composting involves turning organic waste into fertilizer that can be utilized for plants. This is the case if your industry deals with food and the food waste can be composted to safe composting. For instance, if it is small parts of straw, sawdust or cardboard, food leaves, and newspapers, you can compost them. It’s an effective method that can help reduce environmental pollution.

Other waste materials require particular disposal, and they include;

  1. Radioactive waste; requires special handling and storage. There is the principal legislation that controls radioactive materials. 
  2. Clinical and related waste; clinical waste has a particular need for its transportation to minimize environmental pollution risks. It has the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. 
  3. Hazardous and liquid wastes; if you deal with hazardous liquids, you should know that it has regulations that generate proper storing, transporting, treating, and disposal.
  4. Waste mineral oil; there are regulatory needs for the disposal of waste mineral oil. But there are also other rules such as the waste’s transporting weight, which should not be over 200kg.

Suitable disposal of waste is essential to reduce pollution of the environment. Hence, if your industry is not managing its waste, you should ensure it starts to Waste Control Incorporated.