How To Find Quality Discount Toner Cartridges

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Business

Toner is one of the most expensive office supplies purchased in most offices. They are a necessarily expense, and the quality of your printed materials is one area where you definitely want quality as well as value. By buying discount cartridges instead of paying full price for the same ink you can cut costs, sometimes by a significant amount. The key to cutting costs without sacrificing the aesthetics of your printed material is to find toner that performs up to your standards. Here are a few tips on how to find quality discount toner cartridges.

Stick With The Same Brand

A reputable discount toner and ink company will offer name brand supplies as well as the cheaper, no-name alternative. When you first switch to a new supplier, stick with the same brand you’re used to ordering, at least at first. This can assure you that the quality of product supplied by the new company is the same as you are used to, and builds your confidence in your new supplier, so you can eventually try their less expensive alternative toner.

Ask Your Colleagues And Their Office Managers

Office managers tend to be the individuals responsible for stocking the entire office. This means that they are a wealth of information about where to find the best office supplies for less, without sacrificing quality. When you are considering a switch for your business, ask your own office manager what his or her thoughts are and ask other office managers you encounter the same. You will get an honest opinion about brands, stores, and where you can find the best value for less.

Look For Quality Guarantees

When you begin searching for a discount ink company, you will likely check their website for their prices. While there, investigate their buyer’s policy to see if there is a money back guarantee or if there is some other guarantee on the quality of the product. A reputable discount ink store will offer some form of guarantee, to give you a chance to try their discounted product risk-free.

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