Industrial and Commercial Door Openers in Charleston WV

Industrial and Commercial Door Openers in Charleston WV

The speed and efficiency of industrial and commercial deliveries depend on access trucks have to loading and unloading docks and entrances. High-speed doors and quick responding Commercial Door Openers in Charleston WV can improve the flow at which trucks come and go. Finding a full-service door contractor, such as Business Name, will save retail, supply, and trucking businesses time and money.

All Types of Doors

Residential, industrial, and commercial doors are available in a variety of types, sizes, and opening mechanisms. Residential entry and garage doors are quite straightforward, but there is room for customization to meet needs and preferences. Homeowners who wish to enter the garage, lock that door, and then enter the house for security can have a garage door installed that has a cutout entry door in it to allow foot traffic. That saves wear and tear on the garage door opener and does not expose contents to passers-by.

Commercial and industrial doors are available in coiling doors, roll up styles, and fire doors. There are also doors that are split horizontally in the middle. The top half opens up while the bottom half opens down. Doors can also be installed to slide open to either side at the push of a button. Operable walls are an option as well to provide flexibility in a warehouse of loading dock.


Commercial Door Openers in Charleston WV can be manual, electric, operated via gas or diesel motor, or hydraulic. The type and strength of the opener will be dictated by the size and material of the door. A large steel door may require hydraulics to open, while a rolling aluminum door can be opened easily with an electric opener. Gate openers are available as well and those are typically electronic. They can be automated to open with a code, a swipe of an identification badge, or even a fingerprint or retinal scanner.

All Services

A comprehensive contractor has the expertise and capability to consult and recommend custom solutions, sell the door or dock equipment desired, install it, and make any repairs when necessary. A one-stop shop means owners only have to make one call, deal with one invoice, and schedule maintenance or repairs with one company. For more details, visit our Google+ page.