Information About Residential Solar Panel System in Evansville

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Solar Company

Solar energy is an ever-present resource that can provide heat and power without burning fossil fuels. Most people are aware of the solar power and have seen dark blue or black rectangular panels on a roof. More and more homeowners are installing solar panel systems nowadays, and there are some persuasive reasons for doing so. For one thing, solar power is much cheaper than electricity generated by fossil fuels. Government incentives can increase those savings, as can the increase in property value that comes with the installation of a solar panel system. Furthermore, using clean solar energy significantly lowers a homeowner’s carbon footprint. However, many people still have questions about Residential Solar Panel System in Evansville.

How does a solar panel system work? Solar panels are covered with tiny solar cells, or photovoltaic cells, which are made of silicon, a substance that can conduct electricity. Each cell captures a bit of sunlight and converts it into a few volts of electricity. The power generated by all the cells together is converted to AC current that can be used to power your home.

What does the installation process involve? The first step will be a consultation to assess the home and energy needs. The next step is to make a design for the customer’s home, review local building codes, and secure permits. Once these tasks are completed, the actual installation can begin. After the system is in place, it will need to be inspected and monitored to make sure it is operating safely and doing its job.

How much will a solar panel system cost? The answer depends on several factors including the size of the unshaded roof space, a home’s energy requirements, and the type of panels installed. The initial cost of installation can be high, but fortunately, many utility companies subsidize as much as 50% of the cost. The decrease in the monthly power bill will more than pay for the installation over time.

How much money will a solar panel system save? Savings can vary from home to home depending on several factors such as home size and energy consumption, but many customers can lower their monthly energy bill by 50% or more. Visit Morton Solar, LLC to get more information about Residential Solar Panel System in Evansville.

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